How To Have A Boy Or A Girl: Alicia Pennington Plan My Baby Review

Prince and Princess Book Review – How To Have A Boy Or A Girl

Prince and princess baby guide, popularly known as plan my baby program is a complete guide that was designed to leave the faith of determining the gender of the baby in the hands of the couple.

Do I hear you say is that really possible?

plan my baby reviewOh yes, it very much is. The prince and princess book review is equipped with detailed information and share with you the experience of Alicia Pennington and her journey into how to determine the sex of your baby. For quite a number of years, Alicia Pennington studied extensively on how to determine the sex of a baby.

Alicia Pennington

All her research work is summarized in plan my baby book, which is based on completely based on natural means and is risk guaranteed. So if you have a mental picture of your dream family, this is the right opportunity to create it, as the plan my baby gender will hold you by the hands and guide you every step of the way.

No matter who you are,

prince and princess baby by Alicia Pennington is guaranteed to work for you as over the years, there has been a success rate of over 94% and success story coming in each blessed day.

As there is a lot of web pages out there claiming to offer assistance to couples on ways to determine the sex of their baby, this prince and princess book review will thoroughly examine the claims of the author, Alicia Pennington and help you determine if it is really right for you. Just spare me less than 5 minutes of your time and let us examine this plan my baby Alicia Pennington together.


Plan my baby book is a guide developed by Alicia Pennington after years of extensive research into the baby genderplan my baby ebook which gives parent the rare opportunity of selecting the gender of their baby.

Alicia Pennington has so planned it and included simple guides and instructions to follow to achieve the desired baby sex.

The guide is also accompanied by easy diet changes tailored for you and your partner towards getting your desired baby gender and if you are thinking of getting this plan my baby pdf guide, you can be rest assured of its potency as it worked for the author, Alicia Pennington two good times, so why should yours be an exception?


As a mid-wife, Alicia Pennington devoted her time and years researching ways to plan my baby gender. And her efforts led to many discoveries on natural ways to determine the baby gender. And as luck would have it, this coincides with the time she decided to start a family with her hubby.

Out of all her discoveries, she picked only the best and most effective method that were proven to generate result, which was completely natural, risk free and proven to generate result.  After persuading her hubby to try out her method, they were thrilled with the outstanding and unique result.

It came out just like they wanted!

Well-known for her unique plan my baby gender methods. Her fame reached the sky and a whole lot of people were eager to try out the plan my baby guide. This led her to becoming a full time consultant on baby gender selection which has indeed blessed a number of couples over the years, including her as her second kid was just exactly what she wanted!


plan my baby free downloadProduct title: THE PRINCE AND PRINCESS BOOK


Product format: eBook

Delivery time: Instant download

Refund Policy: 60 days

Money back guarantee : YES, 60 days.

Product Test status: Already tested and trusted.

Client Support: 24/7 Customer Support

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Are you out there at the verge of starting a family? Why will you wanna leave the chances of your children’s gender to fate? Why not let the plan my baby gender guide you in just three simple guide. This however includes using purely natural means that will cost you nothing on how to determine the sex of your baby.

The method is risk free and very easy to understand and apply. Let’s go…

  • Importance of Ovulation

Alicia Pennington explained in details, the importance of being familiar with your cycle. because  this will allow you preserve your body as best as you can in preparation for whichever sex you desire.

Being a woman however should help in determining the time window in which you are likely to conceive is pretty short. And during this time window, certain factor determines what your baby’s gender will be.

She further revealed that:

Your chance of a boy is high when your pH level is alkaline

Your chance of a girl is high when your pH level is acidic.

Inside the prince and princess guide also is the importance of basal body temperature and pretty much many other things that you need to take care of, as a woman.

Also, do you know that the timing of your intercourse matters? Yes, it very much does and is vital to the determination of your baby’s sex. All this priceless information is embedded in the prince and princess guide.

  • The Importance Of Dietdiet chart for plan my baby

As soon as you decide to conceive a child, your meal intake plays a very vital role. Also included in the prince and princess guide are the specific meals that enhance your chances of getting either a male or a female child.

She included easy-to-prepare meals and also explains why simple alteration in your meals can raise or lower the pH in your system in accordance to your desired gender.

Also, basic foods that are hazardous to your pregnancy are included and warnings against consuming alcohols and other drugs.

  • The Importance of Position

Alicia Pennington further covered the various sexual positions and the ones that determines which sex you might likely end up with. All the guides in the prince and princess ebookis easy to do and comes with simple sketches to better the understanding.

Alicia Pennington explained how the various sex positions can place any of the “X” or “Y” chromosome sperm in the best position to fertilize the sperm.



  • Alicia Pennington structured her plan my baby book such that it is a lot easy to read and understand. Thus, plan my baby download methods suggested in the book are easily done without ease and simple illustration to aid your understanding.
  • She gave a honest success rate of 94%, which is pretty high and a also convincing unlike many webpage that claims a 100% success rate!
  • Alicia Pennington backed all her guides up with logical scientific facts. However this is a more reason to put your faith in her.
  • My prince and princess baby guide is loaded with a whole lot of information and preconception guide. Therefore as the book is backed up by extensive research and detailed interviews with patients
  • All the plan my baby program methods is completely natural because it is 100% safe.
  • The plan my baby guide did worked for Alicia Pennington, the brain behind this program two solid times, so it is guaranteed to work.
  • And lots more…


  • The plan my baby guide might not work for couples because of complicated health and medical issues.
  • The plan my baby Book is only available in the electronic format. However currently there is no genuine hard copy available in any store.


Thus far, I hope this my prince and princess baby review has given you basic information on how to determine the gender of your baby. Therefore, prepare ahead for the prince and princess baby shower as you will sure get the baby sex you desire. So if I were you. I will start dishing out those prince and princess baby shower invitations  in anticipation for the baby’s arrival.

Are you out there seeking out a genuine plan my baby gender program? Do you strictly want to have a baby boy or girl? Alicia Pennington plan my baby program is here to your rescue. I look forward to your success story.

Download Alicia Pennington Plan My Baby eBook Here

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