Lisa Olson Pregnancy Miracle Ebook on 6 Awesome Herbs For Fertility

Use of herbs to increase the chances of getting pregnant is as old as man; some herbs like the Chinese herbs for fertility are pregnancy miracle herbs because it works like magic.

Before the coming of medical drugs for boosting fertility or other medical procedures like IVF, which help one become pregnant, fertility herbs were widely used to enhance conception.

One outstanding feature of using herbs to boost fertility is the support they give the natural functions of the ovulation and fertility process which doesn’t need one undergoing quantum of medical fertility procedures and maybe the ones that help one in becoming pregnant.

Lisa Olson pregnancy miracle eBook reaffirms this opinion has the author Olson x-ray the natural remedies for fertility without taking medication or surgery to deal with infertility problems.

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Benefits Of Using Herbs To Enhance Fertility

Herbs are natural: One perfect thing about the use of herbs is that there are natural, and as such, it has little or no side effect unless taking medications and other medical procedures.

Herbs are easily accessible: Some of the fertility herbs that one can be sourced locally and are abound in one’s environment. Some of them can are found in our kitchen, like ginger, maca, red clover, etc.

There are effective: Studies shows that these herbs are one of pregnancy miracle secrets, knowing about the right one to take can be one best bet.

There are inexpensive: These herbs can be gotten at little or no cost since there can be sourced from our environment. So there are quite affordable to a lot of people, unlike drugs and other medical procedures.

Safe for use: Use of some awesome herbs for fertility is quite safe and doesn’t come with damages as we witness with medical procedures.

Does These Herbs Works?

Herbs recommended works, these fertility herbs are all natural plants, and as such, there all support the natural functions and process of conception like ovulation, implantation, and other conception related processes.

The ideal thing to do while contemplating taking fertility herbs is to consult with a healthcare provider who is knowledgeable with fertility herbs and one’s health history to prescribe the herb that will be most suitable with one’s fertility issues.

This means that one underlined cause of infertility could be treated from the root. In some cases, one might need to take one or two combinations of these fertility herbs for a fast and noticeable result.

herbs for fertility

 For desired result from the consumption of herbs, it is advisable that people living with infertility who are taking birth control pills, Lupron or cetrotide to avoid taking herbs since these drugs are counter reactive which lessen the ovarian function and does the opposite of what fertility herbs intends to achieve.

Fertility herbs are cycle-dependent, and there might need a whole cycle to be effective, though there might work best with multiple periods, so the effect of herbal treatment is cumulative so it might take up to about 60-120 days for one to complete herbal treatment for effective result.

Herbs For Fertility

Herbs are known worldwide to have a significant effect on fertility, and most of these herbs help to solve a wide range of problem associated with infertility which includes body toxicity, female obstructions, hormonal imbalance, ovulation problems and other variety of fertility-related issues.

The awesome herbs for fertility that are listed below can be said to bring about pregnancy miracle as one or a combination of these herbs work in a miraculous way for fertility.

The Herbs That Are Effective For Treating fertility are :

  1. Red raspberry
  2. Red clover
  3. False unicorn
  4. Ginger
  5. Wild yam
  6. Stinging nettle
  1. Red raspberry

Red raspberry, also known as Rubus idaeus is a highly nutritious astringent herb that has a whole lot of natural fertility enhancing properties. This is one pregnancy miracle herbs that support uterine muscles in healthy conception.

Red Raspberry is one of the awesome herbs for fertility that has phyto-progesterone qualities which help to improve progesterone levels to aid fertility.

This herb helps to stop pregnancy complications and miscarriages. Taking red raspberry is simple, just steep the leaves in a cup of boiling water for about 15 minutes and consume.

The daily dose should be about 5-6 cups until the condition improves. Precautions: use only the dried leaves for the infusion to keep away parasites found in raspberries, take only the dosage given to avoid nausea and loose stools.

2. –Red clover

Red clover is one of the awesome herbs for fertility. Red clover, which as well is called Trifolium pretense, is a high properties estrogen rich plant; it helps to increase fertility in women, especially with women with estrogen deficiency.

It is seen as one of pregnancy miracle secrets for dealing with unexplained infertility issues, irregular menstrual cycle, and fallopian tube scarring.

Taking red clover need one adding one ounce of its dried flowers into a cup of boiling water and leaving it for about 4 hours or even overnight. The recommended dosage is taking 1-5 cups daily. Precautions: Avoid the use when affected by diarrhea or stooling.

3. –False unicorn

This is one of the outstanding awesome herbs for fertility. False unicorn can as well be called chamalerium luteum. This is plant well packed with properties that can regulate menstruation, prevent miscarriage, and strengthens uterine lining.

This plant, when consume acts as a uterine tonic to eliminate pelvic congestion, which will enhance fertility. False unicorn can be taken by infusing it into water.

The recommended dosage is 1-2 milliliters of it daily. Precaution: large volume can lead to nausea, vomiting, and gastrointestinal problems so stick to only the recommended dosage.

4. –Ginger

Ginger is one of the awesome herbs for fertility that is very common and accessible to all. This is a plant that is packed full of properties that can fight inflammation of the reproductive organs and aims at detoxification of the system to leave clean of toxins and any damages.

This plant can be consumed in various ways like making into a tea by infusing it into hot water, crushing it to swallow or just chewing the dried ones or better still making it in juice and taking a glass or two daily. Precaution: don’t overstep with the dosage recommended.

5. –Wild yam

Wild yam can be said to be one of the awesome herbs for fertility because of the significant amount of progesterone properties it possesses. Wild yam which can also be called Dioscorea villosa has in its right quantities of diosgenin, a kind of saponin that boost mild progesterone balancing the hormones in the system which goes a long way in aiding fertility.

This root of this plant can be infused in water and be taken between 2-3 dropperfuls thrice daily. Precautions: Don’t take more than the recommended dose to avoid a counter reaction and use it only before ovulation.

6. – Stinging nettle

Nettle is an excellent herb for fertility that helps to nourish and tone the uterus while building the adrenal glands and kidneys. This plant is packed full of chlorophyll, which acts as a detoxifier that aid the body to prepare rightly for conception and pregnancy.

This plant can be made as a tea to be taken, an ounce of dried nettle can be added to a quart of water, boil both and allow it boil for about 5-10 hours or better still overnight, then add honey to taste if you like before consuming it. The dosage to be taken is about 3-4 cups daily.

Precautions: Don’t take nettle along with blood thinners drugs, lest it disrupts the mechanisms of the drugs.


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