Otherwise known as the estimated due date. The pregnancy due date is the date that the onset of labour is expected to occur. Though the pregnancy due date is usually less than 20% in accuracy, which sometimes depends on the recalling capacity of the mother, it is still a proven way to give the pregnant couple a rough idea of when the baby will arrive.


Wow, you are pregnant? Congratulations, I know you are excited to know when the little one will arrive. Well, this is just to pregnancy due dategive you a rough idea of how to calculate your pregnancy due date. Generally, the due date is usually estimated by adding 280 days to the first date of the last menstrual period. It should be noted that the pregnancy due date is only an estimate. It is meant to give a rough idea of when the baby will arrive. But ideally, every baby comes when it is ready. The date of the last menstrual cycle is used as the date of the start of the pregnancy because typically. That period is when the body sanitizes itself and starts a new lining/layer in the uterus. It is this lining that the fertilized egg implants on,

However, there is a standard method for calculating the Estimated date of Delivery known as the Naegele’s rule. Naegele’s rule estimated the expected date of delivery by adding one year to the last date of the woman’s menstrual period and subtracting three months and 7 days.

Ovulation (when egg is released from the ovum) usually occurs about 14 days prior to the start of the next period. Since the length of the menstrual cycle may vary, counting backwards is usually the most accurate way to try to estimate when ovulation occurred. If the date of ovulation is known, then it can give a better idea of when the due date will be in this pregnancy.

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Otherwise known as the age of the baby, the gestational age is also calculated from the first date of the mother’s last period. Since the exact date of pregnancy is actually never known, the first day of the mother’s last menstrual period is generally used to determine how old the baby is.

Other Methods for determining Pregnancy due dates

It should be noted that the pregnancy calculator using the above method only works for women with regular menstrual pregnancy due datepattern. In other words, women whose period are not regular will have to depend on other technique. Other methods that could be adopted include:

  • Early Ultrasound:

  • gives a very accurate estimated pregnancy due date and is the most suited for woman with irregular period pattern.
  • Pregnancy milestones:images (16)

  • such as the very first time a fetal heartbeat is detected, which is usually about the 9th to the 12th week of pregnancy or when a fetal movement is felt, which might be around the 16th to 22nd week can give clues to how accurate the pregnancy due date is
  • The top of the uterus:

  • which is usually measured by the doctor at each prenatal visit. And at about week 20, the fundus should reach the navel which should confirm the estimated due date.

Your Baby Knows When It’s Time

It should be stressed that the pregnancy due date calculator is majorly meant to give a rough idea. Over the years, only 5% of babies are usually born on their estimated due date, most are born two weeks before or after, as the case may be.

Well, this is the point where you will have to rely in the little one. This is because he knows when he is ready, based on how developed he his. Unfortunately not anyone else, not even the pregnancy due date calculator or your doctor will be able to give you an exact date. Therefore, keep in mind that a normal pregnancy is still classed at 42 weeks. anything above this gives your baby the best chance to be delivered fully developed with sound healthy.

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