Is The Pregnancy Kit Blueprint Worth checking Out?

The Pregnancy Kit Blueprint-Is It The Best?

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Pregnancy has physical and emotional dimensions. Some women enjoy being pregnant as they usually find pregnancy life-changing and exciting. Every woman has different experiences during pregnancy. To other women, pregnancy is more challenging as they have to experience either of physical or emotional side of it or in some cases both. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first, second or third child. To some women, being pregnant feels like a dream to them except for the symptoms which are real. Some women feel terrified. Usually, most women do struggle hard to accept the fact that they are experiencing ‘normal’ pregnancy and nothing more.

For several pregnant women that already had more than one child, second or later pregnancy for them is usually harder. I think it’s because of the fact that they still have to care for other children. And especially when they have to also cope with inflexible job as they as well experience lack of support. Some women experience pains under the abdomen, nausea, swelling in the arm, feet and hands and lower back pain. It could even be the foods that you love to eat that will make you vomit. Other not-so-convenient experiences include spitting too much saliva or urinary frequency. Having an active baby that moves all day long is quite interesting. Great are the rewards that all the discomforts seem so dim.

Pregnancy Kit Blueprint

Whats your pregnancy experience like?

Are you pregnant and feeling tired always? Or maybe you are not comfortable with the extra weight that you have gained during your pregnancy and you are stressed because of it, especially when you have to constantly listen to your doctor warning you about the dangers of excess weight gain during pregnancy every time you visit him. It is quite understandable if you are nervous and fear giving birth because of lack energy. You even do and eat exactly what your doctor asked you to, and yet, you still feel exhausted.

There is a chance for you to do away with all those experiences as you can overcome all these obstacles, gain all your energy back as you also keep down your weight in the process. To discover how that can be possible, you will need to be more patient and continue with this review till the end. You are about to know about a guide that has revealed the #1 exercise that Kim Kardashian, Ivanka Trump and other celebrity soon-to-be moms are using to boost their energy, maintain a healthy weight and experience easier labour that is also less painful. That could be why they always seem to be so happy in their pregnant pictures in the magazines.

Today, I will be reviewing Colleen Riddle’s guide called the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint. On this review, I will be briefing you on the following:

  • The Author of the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint-Colleen Riddle
  • Who the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint is for.
  • What exactly is the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint.
  • Does this program work at all?
  • Benefits of the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint and lots more.

I believe whatever you are able to learn on this review page of the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint today will go a long way to influence your decision about checking out the guide or not.

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pregnancy kit blueprint

Who Is The Pregnancy Kit Blueprint For?

Pregnancy Kit Blueprint

The Pregnancy Kit Blueprint is for women, pregnant women precisely. This guide is for pregnant women that suffer from harsh experiences during their pregnancy. The Pregnancy Kit Blueprint is for you if you are pregnant and experiencing unpleasant situation such as;

  • Always feeling too tired and you don’t want it to remain that way.
  • Forgetfulness and constant food cravings.
  • Swelling in the feet and painful leg cramps.
  • Frequent urination and sleeplessness.
  • Headaches and feel depressed, anxious and sleepless.
  • You have never worked out before and worried about safety and so do not desire to make use of the gym.
  • Adding extra weight plus constant back and hip pains.
  • Morning sickness, heartburn, constipation and you are always in constant fear of painful labour.
  • A state of emotional instability.

The Pregnancy Kit Blueprint – About the Book

An American Fitness Professional, a certified ACE Personal Trainer Colleen Riddle created this book. So also is she an Associates (AFPA) certified Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist. She is also a winner of the “She Knows Parenting” Award in 2011. She has dedicated the past eight years studying safe and energy boosting exercises that have all been designed based on scientific research, which she has been using with her clients and close friends. After many years of conducting experimental workouts, readings and researches, she has now finally come to discover all the secrets of the celebrity networks and the way that they have been used by these celebrities every day to regain their energy. As they also boost their self-esteem and confidence in the process.

According to Colleen Riddle, those radiant looking pregnant celebrities are using secrets workouts at the comfort of their home. She said that it is not that they are using any special equipment but a few special techniques, which she revealed in her eBook; the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint. Over the past 7 years, she has been consulting with Fit Pregnancy Magazine, where she has gained enough experiences, which she later put together inside her book, the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint. Colleen Riddle is a woman that loves to empower other women and play to improve lives.

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Pregnancy Kit Blueprint

What is the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint?

The Pregnancy Kit Blueprint is a comprehensive guide that features the proven 9 month Workout Energy Solution videos. Pregnant women owns this program. There have been so many misconceptions about exercising while being pregnant. In fact, there is this latest research, which shows that pregnant women that took part in regular weight-bearing exercises ended up needing little pain-relief medication during labour.

The happening of maternal exhaustion also reduces drastically. Not only that, the need for artificial rupture of the membranes to stimulate the progression of labour also drastically reduced for the pregnant woman that participated in the exercise. This particular research also reveals a reduction in the overall time and process of labour in pregnant women that exercised. With her guide, Colleen Riddle seeks to remove the ignorance of people which results to the mentality that workouts during pregnancy could cause damage to the baby like miscarriage, overheating the foetus in the womb, hormonal imbalance and so on.

This Pregnancy Kit Blueprint contains workouts that use Colleen Riddle’s trademarked energy solutions to regain energy. Not only that, it also consists of body weight exercises that are designed to burn the excess fat gain in the body as well as strengthen the child inside of you. The main focus of the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint is to help you, as a pregnant woman to feel good all through the exercising period, develop a strong body and give birth to a healthy and fit baby.

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The Pregnancy Kit Blueprint – Details

The Pregnancy Kit Blueprint consists of over 70 body weight exercises, over 20 abdominal exercises and 16 different stretch variations. All which are designed to not only help you gain enough energy, but also help you to burn excess weight gain, all at the privacy of your home. Inside the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint, there are different workouts designed especially for each of the trimesters of the 9 months. Because of the fact that each of the trimesters are different to one another, there is need to work out differently as well. So, it also does not matter the stage of your pregnancy that you join Colleen Riddle’s program, if you enter the program in your 2nd or 3rd trimester, it does not make any difference, because as earlier said, each trimester has different workouts. Workout comes in 3 states accordingly.

Pregnancy Kit Blueprint

1st Trimester – Weeks 0-13 – Adjusting Actively to the 1st Trimester

Usually, in your first trimester you feel tired and fatigued with a lack of energy. So, this is why the specific exercises for this first trimester are created and designed in such a way that energy can be literally created in your body.  Your body will rise up to adapt to these challenges by becoming even stronger than before. All these happen on a cellular level, which is where the production of energy starts.

Almost all pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting, which is normal, but too much of these can be harmful to the baby. Your baby needs nutrients. The exercises here also lower the levels at which you have hormonal changes. With the exercises in this first trimester of your pregnancy, you can be sure to eliminate morning sickness totally and mood swings. That’s not all, the exercises also will make it possible for your brain to release endorphins. Endorphins are feel-good chemicals. They give you a natural high, which in turn improves your mood and eliminate stress and anxiety so that you can be able to sleep more soundly.

2nd Trimester – Weeks 14-26 – Staying Motivated Through the Second Trimester  

As the problem with the hormones level has been dealt with using the first trimester exercises, you will only begin to feel more energized. There are rules and safety precautions in exercising that Colleen Riddle included in this section, all are designed towards making you achieve effective exercising because following safety guidelines is extremely important, not only for you, but for the health of your baby as well.

As we all know that, gaining the right amount of weight is vital for women during their pregnancy. The exercises in this second trimester are crested specifically for that, so you don’t have to worry about those stubborn fats on your belly area, arms or legs.

 3rd Trimester – Weeks 27-40 – Staying Positive in the Third Trimester  

This is also known as the home stretch! Sounds and vibrations from workout by expectant mother usually stimulate the babies. If you exercise regularly during pregnancy, your baby will have healthier weights, be smarter and sleep through the night sooner, all which are according to the findings from a research. As your pregnancy progresses in the 3rd trimester, getting up after lying down for sometimes is usually difficult. These exercises are specifically designed to help with back pain. At this stage, pregnant women are required to put a stability ball behind their back for support. These exercises will focus on giving you an easier labour, stretch the chest muscles and help you work on building strength in the upper back, hips, and glutes.

Childbirth is a normal life process, which has been experienced by ALL women that has given birth in the past. Most pregnant women eagerly wait for the arrival of their baby, but NOT all await labour and delivery because the spend most of the time during their pregnancy being obsessed about this inevitable day and some would even wish to escape the troubles of labour. The exercises in this third trimester work on making labour much smoother. When you roll with Colleen Riddle, you would not have to worry about your delivery because according to the testimonies of past users of the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint, they had shorter or no labour and no delivery intervention.

Does The Pregnancy Kit Blueprint Work?Pregnancy Kit Blueprint

To this question, I can only give my answer as Yes. Due to different online testimonies about Colleen Riddle program, I think it’s only OK to believe that the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint program actually works. If you go to the official website of Pregnancy Kit Blueprint, you will read about the testimonies of other women and Medical Professionals that testify to the effectiveness of the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint. With this Colleen Riddle’s guide, it does not matter if this is your first or your fourth labour; it consists of the workouts that will definitely help you make labour so much easier for you. And it will also reduce your pain drastically than you have ever imagines.

Many women have testified about this guide, who knows, you might be doing the same in few weeks time, if you decide to get the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint. The Pregnancy Kit Blueprint works simply because of workouts specially designed to strengthen specific muscle groups  helping to balance out the weight from the huge bump.

 Benefits of the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint

  • Improvement in your energy levels, endurance, muscle control and fitness level. There will also be improvement in the child’s health.
  • The Pregnancy Kit Blueprint will help you achieve an easier, faster and a labour that is less painful.
  • Reduced chance of birth defects
  • Radiant looking pregnancy body and faster recovery from pregnancy and labour.
  • Prevention or reduction of most pregnancy–related symptoms.
  • Prevention of excess weight gain for you and weight problem for your child along with an enhanced psychological well-being.
  • Reduced cardiovascular stress
  • Relieved tension, stress, and possible depression
  • Prevented or reduced risk of labour complications or a C-section.
  • More time for yourself

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pregnancy kit blueprint

Advantages-The Pregnancy Kit Blueprint

  • Professionally Designed

The Pregnancy Kit Blueprint is a system that was designed by one of the world’s most prolific fitness experts. American Fitness Professional and Associates (AFPA) certified Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist and certified ACE Personal Trainer. Colleen Riddle is a very experienced woman when it comes to fitness for pregnant women. Also her workouts have been featured in Fit Pregnancy Magazine, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan and Oxygen Magazine. So I believe there shouldn’t be any doubt about what she is offering in her Pregnancy Kit Blueprint guide.

  • Videos

This program features proven 9 month Safe Energizing Workouts Manual and videos. There are lots of videos that come with the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint. You don’t have to do your workout in abstract. You do not need long, slow cardio workout and expensive machines or a fancy gym membership to boost your energy.

  • Not Time Consuming

All the workouts in the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint have however proven energy boosting workouts respecting your time. With Colleen Riddle’s secret exercises, there is no need for you to go to the gym paying expensive monthly dues. Neither should you make use of lockers that is also used by many other people, where you even sometimes have to share your things with people you hardly know. The workouts in the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint are fast and effective. They do not consume time at all.

  • Positive Feedback

Thousands of pregnant women however loves this program. There have been positive feedbacks from them.  The Pregnancy Kit Blueprint is a guide that has worked for many women, and I also believe it will work for you as well.

  • Scientifically Proven

There are latest researches that support the fact that moderate exercise is safe in pregnancy because there are lots of benefits included. Colleen Riddle research resulted in the creation of the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint are based on science.

  • Workout Anywhere

There are lots of videos that come with the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint. They are ones which you can download on any of your devices and play anywhere you want. This means you can do your workout anywhere that is comfortable for you. You can work out at the park, in your private living room or even in your hotel while travelling.

  • 8 Full Weeks 100% Money Back Guarantee

According to Colleen Riddle, if after you have used the Pregnancy Kit Blueprint and still didn’t have a really easier labour, you can ask for your money back. Besides, Colleen Riddle is completely confident that you will eventually end up falling in love with her program.

Disadvantages-The Pregnancy Kit Blueprint

  • The Pregnancy Kit Blueprint program is strictly for pregnant women.
  • This program is not for you if you are not a fan of the internet.

Pregnancy Kit BlueprintCONCLUSION

Considering all the pains and challenge you are currently going through right now as a result of being pregnancy. Pregnancy Kit Blueprint might be your own way out of it. With the Kit Blueprint, you have nothing to worry about because you have Colleen to guide you step by step with proven research. Obviously, it is difficult to find real, expert and science-based advice on fitness, but Pregnancy Kit Blueprint might just be what you have been looking for. Putting effort into boosting your energy levels! don’t you feel you should try this?

If you are the type that is scared of going to the gym and putting up with crowd, and then I know you can rely on Colleen Riddle to help you boost your energy at the comfort of your home. In her guide, she has laid out the workout solutions that you can just practice in the privacy of your own house so that you can quickly get rid of any form of ache in your body parts. However, not getting result guarantees getting back your money.

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