Will To Pregnancy and Beyond Program Work For Me?

To Pregnancy and Beyond Program-Will It Work For Me?

I welcome you to this review of To Pregnancy and Beyond program today. I don’t know if, for sometimes now, you have been trying to conceive but not getting enough support that you need right now. Perhaps you are pregnant or already a mom but you don’t just feel strong enough. What makes you think you don’t deserve to feel your best, even if you are pregnant or a nursing mother? We both know you really need to be strong and feel strong at the same time. You also need all the supports that you can possibly get.

Being pregnant feels like a dream, except for the symptoms, which are real. Some women feel terrified. Pregnant women that already had more than one child, second or later pregnancy for them it is usually harder, they still have to care for other children.

There are not-so-convenient experiences that are associated with pregnancy. For some women, its pains under the abdomen, nausea, swelling in the arm, feet and hands and lower back pain. It could even be the foods that you love to eat that will make you vomit. But do you have the supports? Do you feel strong enough? Have you been feeling your best lately? Do you want to?  You may have even being trying many means to stay fit, like workouts, but no changes. You can stop wasting your time and get access to real workouts that fits into your busy life, which give results and more energy to keep up with your kids. Well, if you are ready to feel energized again, then I am inviting you to a FULL ONLINE AND NUTRITION PROGRAM as an exclusive member of the To Pregnancy and Beyond club.

This is a community of other pregnant women and mothers, just like you that are striving to be their best selves. On this page today, I will be reviewing Jessie Mundell’s To Pregnancy and Beyond program and I hope everything you learn here will be able to help you to know if this program will actually work for you like as it has worked for other pregnant women.

Who Is To Pregnancy And Beyond For?

This program will work for you if you belong to any of the categories below.

  • This program is for women that have been trying to conceive and want to be fully prepared when the pregnancy comes and stay strong during the pregnancy.
  • To Pregnancy and Beyond program is for women that are already pregnant and want to feel and stay fit.
  • This program is for mothers that want to regain their confidence and fitness level.

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To Pregnancy and Beyond

About The Author

To Pregnancy and Beyond is a program created by Jessie Mundell. She is the owner of JMG Fitness Consulting. She has dedicated her company to coaching women in order to improve their health in all ways. Jessie is a woman that is really passionate about caring for her fellow women. She has worked with hundreds of pregnant women and moms. She worked with women during their pregnancy and even after they have delivered, making sure they get all the care they need.

What Is To Pregnancy And Beyond?

To Pregnancy and Beyond is an online fitness and nutrition program that is designed to help women in general to stay fit and regain confidence in their body irrespective of the changes in their body which result from being pregnant or after-delivery. This program is not only created to help women that are trying to conceive, but it also designed for women that are already pregnant and those that are already mothers. To Pregnancy and Beyond is a program that is created to teach women a new way.

  • New ways to eat.
  • Best ways to exercise
  • A new and beautiful way to think of their bodies.

To Pregnancy and Beyond

Details Of To Pregnancy And Beyond Program

To Pregnancy and Beyond program is focused on effective exercise during pregnancy and rehabilitation of the core and pelvic floor for women that are mothers. The program is created to teach women how to eat and exercise effortlessly. With the use of this guide, women will be able to feel incredible about their bodies. To Pregnancy and Beyond program consists of effective and safe workouts for pregnant women and mothers. These workouts are also time efficient and quite challenging. They are all designed to work towards helping a pregnant woman. Thus, to have a comfortable pregnancy and to be prepared for her labour and delivery. According to Jessie, post natal is anytime you have had a baby. It does not matter if the last time was 12 or 15 years ago. So it is important that mothers have really special attention paid to their body.

The workouts in this program are designed just to help you achieve that. The workouts are ones that will strengthen your abdominals, core and pelvic floor. Even if you are the type that is new to exercise and strength training, it does not matter, because what is most beautiful about strength training workouts is that you can do it anytime at the comfort of your home. You will be able to work at your own pace and even decide to challenge yourself as you go deeper into it. To Pregnancy and Beyond program includes guidelines that will help you to know how hard you are supposed to workout. In this program, Jessie Mundell aims to erase the beliefs that are associated with pre-and-post-baby body. And make women embrace the ideal pf feeling supported, encouraged and confident.

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How Does To Pregnancy and Beyond Program Work?

To Pregnancy and Beyond coaching is divided into two phases. These are two options that you can sign up to.

Prenatal Stream (Prenatal Mama): This stream is for women that are currently pregnant. This normally starts from early pregnancy until when you give birth. You will start your workout at the current phase of pregnancy that you are in. The training might change every month, because workouts are based on the changes that your body is currently going through.

Postnatal Stream (Postnatal Mama): This stream is for women that have new babies, toddlers or have had babies 15+ years ago. This stream consists of core exercises, strength training and interval workouts that have modifications that are designed to challenge you at any level of your fitness. Also, if you are currently trying to get pregnant, you will have to sign up with Postnatal Stream and if you later become pregnant, you will switch over to Prenatal Stream.

Benefits of To Pregnancy and Beyond Program

After you have subscribed To Pregnancy and Beyond, in every 4 weeks, you will receive access to brand new:

  • Done-For-You Workout Plans: This is a workout plans that you can carry out at home or at the gym with exercise equipments. It consists of full body strength training and cardiovascular workouts.
  • Weekly Workout Schedule: In every 4 weeks, you will get access to:
  • 2 new full-body strength training workout
  • 1 new interval cardio workout
  • 2-3 strength workout (priority)
  • 1-2 interval workout (optional) per week

This workout usually takes 20-40 minutes each.

  • Nutrition Guides and Recipes: This nutrition guide teaches you how to eat well and the foods that you can eat that will sustain you all through the period of your pregnancy and all through life as a busy mom.
  • Need-To-Knows: This is a guide that will expose you to all the facts that you should know about. It provides you with latest and greatest information on fitness, pregnancy, moms, food, body image and women’s health.
  • Community Of Women: You can call on any of the members anytime, because they are available 24/7 to support and motivate you. They will also walk you through your journey during and after pregnancy.
  • Private Coaching: There is a private coaching class in a closed online group, where you can ask numerous questions from Jessie Mundell, who is also your prenatal and postnatal coach.

To Pregnancy and Beyond

Advantages of To Pregnancy and Beyond Program

  • The program includes all the guidelines that you need. Which will guide you on how you should workout effectively and safe.
  • Every workouts in this program comes effective, safe and time efficient.
  • Getting access to expert prenatal and postnatal exercises plus health advice that will work very well for you is guaranteed.
  • It helps pregnant women to enjoy their pregnancy stage and prepare them for their child birth.
  • It is a chance for a woman to belong to a community of supportive pregnant women and mothers where she can get enough care from those that have more experiences than her.
  • To Pregnancy and Beyound program comes with 30 days money back guarantee. This means, if after a month that you have signed up with Jessie Mundell’s program, and you cannot find any positive changes after that, then you can ask for a refund of your money, which will be done without asking questions.
  • To Pregnancy and Beyond is a program that follows you up from when you are trying to conceive, to your pregnancy stage. It still doesn’t end after you have delivered your baby. Once you’ve had your baby, you just have to let Jessie know, and then you will get more advice from her pertaining to your transition into the Postnatal Stream. On your entering into the Postnatal Stream, you will see all the information for all new moms. All these information are what you will need for postpartum recovery and rehab.
  • To Pregnancy and Beyond program comes with different membership options, which includes a customized fitness program, which you can also sigh up for if you want. It depends on the one you think will suit you most.

 Disadvantages of To Pregnancy and Beyond Program

  • The program is strictly designed for women. A man cannot benefit from this particular Jessie Mundell program.
  • If you are considering making use of To Pregnancy and Beyound program, you might want to consider the fact that it is a FULL ONLINE Fitness and Nutrition program, so you have to have access to the internet before you can enjoy the program. If you are not a fan of online things or don’t have access to the internet, then this guide is not for you.
  • Basic exercise equipments are needed. If you are going to subscribe as a member of To Pregnancy and Beyond, you should be ready to make use of basic exercise equipments. To pregnancy and Beyond program requires the use of some basic exercise equipment. You need to be able to have access to them. Some of them include; a sturdy step/bench, dumbbells, a stability ball and resistance bands. So making use of the gym might be needed for you to have access to more of the exercise equipment. Although this might be hard if you were never a fan of the gym. But to make things easier, a bonus is given in that aspect. It include a weight bench that can be adjusted on an incline and a TRX/suspension trainer.

 To Pregnancy and Beyound


So, do you want to see and feel the results from your workouts? I don’t know how the idea of having enough energy everyday to keep up with your kids sound to you. Imagine a workout plan that you can finally trust, which at the same time fit into your busy schedule. You might want to check out this program by Jessie Mundel.

I really hope all that you have learnt here on this review page today have been able to help you decide if the To Pregnancy and Beyound program will for you. The program provides you with all the care that you will need as a woman and it comes with 30 days money back guarantee. This should be able to help you to know, after using To Pregnancy and Beyound for 30 days, if the guide works or not, and if it doesn’t, then you can get back your money.

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